In Setember 2015, Northwest Sheet Metal Ltd. expanded its fabricating capabilities by building and moving the location to 19159 33rd Ave. in Surrey. With our previous plant bursting at the seams, the new plant provides us with massive manufacturing capabilities. With over 6000 square feet of new office space, it allows us to manage and conduct business in a organized professional atmosphere.

New modern equipent, Big ASS Fans and LED lighting  provide a safe, comfortable and clean work enviroment for our workers on the shop floor. It's state of the art when it comes to sheet metal fabrication.

Some highlights of our shop includes modern, safe fabricating equipment which includes:

Almost here! - Brand new 20' ,state of the art laser metal cutting table, complete with fully automatic 4 coil line feed. Capable of cutting 1" thick steel with absolute precision. More info coming soon!


Full Iowa Precision 5'coil line. This line takes a roll of flat stock, and produces a finished piece of duct ready for shipping. Acoustically lined, or just plain to specs. TDC, S & D, button or pittsburgh lock.


Vulcan Waterjet Table. This piece allows us to cut fibrous and non - fibrous duct liner with precision for all our fittings. Our insulating process is efficient, and provides a GREEN initiative by reducing waste by over 80%.


12' Accurpress press & Accurpress shear. Modern units that compliment each other to cut and form safely and precisely.


Spirohelix Spiral duct tube former. Forming and fabricating galavized, satin coat, aluminum and stainless steel ducting for all your air handling requirements.

-Spirohelix Gore Locker Elbow machine. Produces a mitred standing seam round elbow which has virtually air tight seams.

20' Vulcan Plasma table.  Computerized layout and burning of parts from flat stock sheets.


8' X1/4" Forming Rolls. Allows for rolling and forming large heavy pipe to meet project requirements.

-Multiple rollformers, welders, spot welders, pinspotters and essential equipment to get the job done right, ensuring a high level of quality.

Northwest Sheet Metal

fabrication plant


Vulcan waterjet & glue machine


Spiral machine

S.Steel Duct

LEED ducts

SS mitred T

Making 60"-16 ga spiral

roof curbs for sale

heavy rolls and autoflanger

Full coils line

fabrication plant

dust collection fab.

alum. sump fabrication

full duct coil line

full duct coil line

coil line ins. module

plasma cutter

Vulcan Waterjet Table

Vulcan Waterjet Table. Cuts fibrous and non - fibrous duct liner with precision for all our fittings. Provides a GREEN initiative by reducing waste by over 80%.

water jet

20'plasma table

12'Accurpress and shear

10,000lbs coils

DEC breeching

16 ga SS companion flanged round

mitred Wye branch

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